The Neutral Set

The Neutral Set


The Neutral Set.


Made to measure press-on nails.


Please enter nail sizes from your thumb to your little finger. Enter your RIGHT HAND sizes first, then LEFT. For example: RIGHT: 1,5,4,5,8.LEFT: 1,5,4,6,8.


Choose between nail glue or sticky pads. TIP: Choose nail glue for approx. 2 weeks+ wear*. Choose sticky pads for one-time use, ideal for a night out! (The sticky pads provided will cover approx. four wears**).

Extra glue or sticky pads are available to order seperately.



Included in your pack:

10 made to measure press-on nails

1 nail glue OR 2 sheets of sticky pads (aprox. 4 wears**)

Mini Nail File

Orange Stick

Nail Wipes x2


Nail Guide


Please note Nail Weapon is not responsible for incorrect sizes. Sizing kits are available to purchase.


* If glue is applied properly. An instructional video is available to watch on instagram account @nail_weapon

** Depending on which sizes are used and how many pads you use during one wear.

  • Length Guide

    Photo is length 'Extra Long'


    Length Guide:

    (length in mm from cuticle to tip).

    • Short: 18mm
    • Medium: 22mm
    • Long: 25mm
    • Extra Long 28mm
  • Instructions

    Applying your press-on nails:

    • For best results, file your own nails down.
    • Use the orange stick to gently push back cuticles.
    • Use the mini nail file to lightly buff over the surface of your own nail. A slightly scratchy surface will allow the glue to hold better.
    • Using the nail wipes, wipe over your nails with a cleanser such as acetone or nail varnish remover.
    • Use the glue provided to apply the press-on nails. Alternateively, apply using the sticky pads provided.


    Removing your press-on nails:

    • Soak your nails in warm soapy water. TIP: Add a few drops of cuticle oil to the water, and your nails, to speed up the process.
    • Soak for around 15-20 minutes.